C-Sections and Induced Births - Necessary?

Thursday, 17 February 2011 16:08 administrator

The Caesarian section has for a long time been used to save mothers and children who are at risk of complications near full term.

However, increasingly, "elective C-Section" is being used for the convenience of doctors and patients without medical justification.  This has important health and cost impacts which should be carefully considered.  Often the C-section comes about as a complication of induced labor.  These are highlighted clearly in the following set of articles:

Cesareans and Induced Births: Who Is Choosing These Procedures--and Why? Part 1

Since 1975 the rate of C-sections has tripled to now constitute 30% of all births.  The number of induced labors has risen to 22% and 40% of these are "elective".

Unfortunately, induced labor causes problems for mothers and babies.  Babies are more likely to require neonatal intensive care and mothers at a minimum have a long and difficult recovery from surgery.

If you or your doctor are considering induced labor, please consider the health and financial implications carefully.