Health Affairs - Costs and Access to Health Care

Thursday, 18 November 2010 17:04 administrator

A new paper in Health Affairs titled "How Health Insurance Design Affects Access to Care and Costs, By Income, In Eleven Countries" gives us some valuable insight into the US health care system in comparison to ten other developed countries (and it doesn't look good for the US).

"Overall, the study found significant differences in access, cost burdens, and problems with health insurance that are associated with insurance design. US adults were the most likely to incur high medical expenses, even when insured, and to spend time on insurance paperwork and disputes or to have payments denied."

The Incidental Economist put together a good analysis and a few interesting charts from the results in the article.



Afford Care?














Problems Paying













Avoid because of cost














You can see from these charts that the US health care systems provides does not give people confidence that they can afford care and leads people to avoiding needed care.  This could be one reason we have the worst health status indicators of the top 21 developed countries.

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