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Home Web Links Health Care Price Information

These web sites provide information on pricing which you can use to help negotiate a price when you need medical care.

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1   Link   CMS Price Lookup
The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) provides price information on all medical services. This link can be used to look up the Medicaid price for your region.
2   Link   CMS Fee Schedule Relative Value Files
Physician Relative Value Files. These files provide complete information on prices for Medicaid services include relative values of all services.
3   Link   Health Care Blue Book
Price information for common procedures and information on how to obtain the best price.
4   Link   New Choice Health
Price information on common procedures with comparison prices for your area.
5   Link   Hospital Bill Help
Good source of information on hospital billing and pricing. Oriented to California but applicable to other states.
6   Link   Ca Hospital Fair Pricing Website
Find a hospital near you in California and their terms and conditions for "Fair Pricing" and other reduced price or free care.
7   Link   Costs of Care
A web site which attempts to educate physicians to be aware of the costs of medical care when treating patients.
8   Link   Hospital "Facility Charges"
Article from Pittsburgh on excessive "hospital facility charges" for minor procedures.
9   Link   Hospital Value Index
Compares hospitals nationwide for cost and quality. Good indicator of value for money.
10   Link   US Health Care Has Highest Price
Clear graphs showing the cost of US health care for doctors and hospitals compared to other countries.