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International Federation of Health Plans 2010 Price Report

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The International Federation of Health Plans ( is an organization of over 100 health plans in more than 30 countries.  They have just presented their annual price report.  The US comes out number one (and that is not a good thing).  The US costs are much greater for all of the items and the costs are many times that of the next most expensive countries.

We have serious problems of cost which must be addressed.  We also don't get good value for this high cost as our health indicators are below (less healthy) than all of these other countries.

Here are a few samples from the report:



Even our physician fees are more than three times the next most expensive country.

We knew that hospital charges are high.  We probably didn't appreciate just how much greater they are than other developed countries.

Even a simple appendectomy is a gold mine for the health industry.


It's hard to justify these high prices since other developed countries have high quality care and seem to have avoided the extremely high costs of the US.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 November 2010 02:55