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What is a reasonable price?

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There are resources on the web to help you research the best price for common procedures and tests.  We have listed a few of these here and will have more tools in the future.

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid services (CMS) publishes Medicare rates for all medical services, tests and procedures.  These prices should be considered a "benchmark" for a reasonable price.  CMS sets these prices to reflect the regional cost of living and a reasonable profit.  Many private insurance companies use these prices as a baseline when they negotiate with doctors and hospitals to establish their prices.  Most insurance companies pay slightly more (20% to 30%) than the CMS prices.



CMS Prices: Physician Fee Schedule Lookup    Physician fee schedule relative value files.

Resources for procedures:    CT Scan    CT Scan

Cost of health care:    Costs for common procedures    CAT, MRI, PET scan comparison costs



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